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Hi, I'm Ron Sweetman. My friends call me Coach.

I’m Semi Retired Successful Entrepreneur from Southern California, now happily living in North Carolina.

I'm at a stage of life where I have the keen idea that I can help make this world, YOUR WORLD my man a BETTER place.  

I've taken my life experiences, along with much research and compiled into Simple, Cut to the Chase, Highly Effective One on One Coaching.

I'm hoping to be the guy, THE MAN that I wish I'd found to help me fifteen years ago.

I help Men solve life's Toughest Business & Relationship Problems. 

Specializing in Increasing Profits & Work/Life Balance.

Quick funny story. One of my clients went off the other day: He said "I’m a business owner. I never say I’m an entrepreneur. It’s pretentious, why is the French word better?" 

Actually there is a difference. That’s a topic for another day. Google it if you’re interested. 

I started a Telecommunications company in the late 90’s in Southern California.
Back in 2008 my business partner, Doug, and I met together walking Hermosa Beach discussing each of our hopes and dreams for the next phase of building our Kingdom.
I shared with him that I had recently seen a statistic that gave me pause.  

It suggested that men our age have a 50% mortality rate over the next ten years.  

I said, one of us is likely not going to be standing here in ten years.  

And at this point of my life, the clock is ticking.  I don’t need any more Money.  I want Time.  

  • Time to be with my family.  
  • Time to finally lose twenty pounds. 
  • Time to figure out something fresh and exciting that I want to do next.

Little did I know how prophetic this conversation would be!

Doug and I ended up parting company a few years later. 

We divided up our multi million dollar empire and each started new companies.
I was able to take my earnings and move my family here to North Carolina for a better quality of life.

Breaking free from the Grind, The Rat-race.
I was able to navigate the uncertain waters of continuing to make great income AND find time to do the things I really want to do, with the people that matter most.

Five years ago, I got a phone call no one wants to get! 

Doug had passed away while out riding his bike at the beach.  

Sudden and massive heart attack.  He was a young fifty two years old.

It’s been ten years now since I made the decision to leave the Rat-Race.
I”m married for 23 years (to the same woman!)
We have 4 amazing grown children and five grandchildren.
I continue to do some work for AT&T & Time Warner. 
My income and lifestyle have remained consistent with more and more emphasis on “lifestyle”.

In addition to living this chapter of my life fully with my family and friends, I've dedicated my life to Coaching other Successful Business Men.

Let's Talk!

No-Fee Clarity Session

Want to be UNDERSTOOD as a man and have PERSONAL CLARITY about what you REALLY WANT in life and have an ACTION PLAN and NEW STRATEGIES to make it happen?

During this 30-minute session we will have the opportunity to:

  • Get to know one another.
  • Gain CLARITY on WHAT YOU REALLY WANT to create & enhance in your life.

One of the most common reasons my clients chose to work with me is:

To learn the blind spots of what's been keeping them from having extraordinary Life & Relationship, and 

To learn new strategies of what to do about it.

Are you feeling Over Worked, Under Appreciated, and Under Sexed?  

Would you like to work with a man that's getting proven results in Life, Love, and Career and that's willing to share the cut to the chase version with you? 


If you feel you might be ready for something like this, 

book a call on my private scheduling link: 

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Ron is...

Life, Business, Career, Relationship, Men's Coach

A Husband and Father first, his passion is:




He is trained in Strategic Intervention Life Coaching, holds a BS in Business Administration, and is a Certified Life Coach and Relationship Coach.


For the past ten years Ron has been working with men to make progress toward their personal and professional goals.

Between running his 25 year telecommunications business and working with coaching clients you’ll probably find him romancing his wife of 23 years in their new “empty nest” phase of life or playing with one of his five grandchildren. He’s a techy guy with a perpetual desire to understand and improve nearly EVERYTHING. And some of his favorite things are laughing, fireside chats, and guacamole. 

His personal development journey began….

Life, Business, Career, Relationships, Men's Coach

Back in 2005 he found himself caught in the grind of chasing success

He had built a million dollar business, was serving in his community as Reserve Police Officer and Coach for Jr High Boys Basketball.  

By most accounts he was "successful".


Yet he wasn’t much fun to be around at home and began to get more impatient, frustrated, 

and disconnected from what was most important – his family. 

Determined to do something about it, Ron got involved in men’s ministry at his church and sought mentorship from a few men farther along in life

Ever the connector and developer he organized an all pro dad’s group and held men’s cook outs and excursions. 

Ron developed a passion for encouraging men and helping them cultivate their often unknown or underdeveloped potential.


He became a leader in his community and a go to guy for men’s fellowship, training and equipping on the subjects of becoming a better dad and husband. During this time Ron learned how to facilitate meaningful conversations within a group and realized that powerful personal connections are a key to success. Wanting to dive deeper into his passion, Ron became an area director with Man in The Mirror a men’s mentoring program. 

Rather than sitting around talking about how wonderful life could be, Ron developed a boots on the ground get out and meet men where they live and work approach to equip men to create a better, fuller life.

Realizing that his true gifts are fostering relationships and coaching, Ron was trained as a strategic intervention coach enabling him to help men gain clarity & create what they want in their lives. As a strategic interventionist, Ron is equipped to help men in a multitude of areas.

Life Coach - Relationship Coaching - Business Coach - Performance Coach - Results Coach - Men's Coach - Couples Coach

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